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tThank you so much for writing your experiences with alien UFO mechanics, it is marvelous and everything works the way you say it does!' - Jim from CA

Excellent work, if produit pour faire pousser les cils anyone can tell me about Flying Saucers, Orbs, UFO Evidence and Crop Circles than it's you; Thank You - Maggie from NY

Thank God I found this website with alien UFO material. This has saved my sanity and believe in the universe! - Barry from NC

I would like to thank you for helping me open my eyes. There are so many alien UFOs I didn't see before. I wonder how I could have missed them. You have opened my mind and imagination - Candy from  FL

It fascinates me how alien life has made it to earth on an asteroid! I am also very impressed with the orbs you have on display. Melvin from AL

I love your alien UFO videos and photos on abduction.  Thanks and keep up the good work. We love your site - Mary from London

I never thought for it to possible to capture video and photo footage of alien sightings  mi sueño de ser madre but you pulled it off.  I congratulate you. -Yessica from FL.

Your work has given me the gift of a very real experience. Being abducted by aliens is no joke, but I have finally come to terms with it. Thanks for your honesty. - Paul from VA.

I am so relieved that I decided to report the

crop circles in my yard. Your employees were very understanding about the issue. I am also going to look into the
abduction issue as we have been missing a lot of crops and live stock. - Johnny from PA

It was great to hear about your website. I was hearing aplified pulsing sounds from outer space. I then pointed my radiotelescope to the sky and
found an alien UFO. I have taken a picture and sent it to you. - Jet from LA

Why is there still such a mystery and taboo surrounding
alien UFO abduction? Aliens are injecting toxic wires into the brains of innocent human beings as we speak. It is time for us to fight back. Devon from NYC

I am happy we were able to deliver the pay load. This will keep the
alien UFOs on a distance for now. Make sure to channel your Led sign energy very targeted. The alien network will eventually lead us to their main frame so we can dissect that. Caroline from SC

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This photo of a UFO sighting was taken in Atlanta, Georgia

Alien consciousness is causing for a hi-tech ranbow of high-end technology all throuhout the milky way. Most alien civilizations are controlled by a central mainframe that connects each alien through means of a network. Control of water, earth,, house buyers scotland wind and fire on a planetary level are a mandatory requirement.  Like humans, most aliens need oxygen. Some aliens only exist in the celestial realm. Those will often practice telepathy and therefore cellphone use is not required near the sky line.


On my website you will find explanations for:

- Square cube force radio waves found during transmition
- Top secret alien UFO navigation data 
- Nanofiber inplants and their effects on aliens
- Super sonic jets and alien UFO hangars at area 51
- Unlike us aliens are neither male or female
- Aliens consume fatty amino acids and clone DNA.
- Alien DNA used for crossbreeding human tissue


For questions don't hesitate to contact us:

If you are still not convinced of the triangular reality of alien UFO singularities than please write a letter to Dr. Ronald Sprinkle; the world famous psychologist who graduated from the prestigious university of Wyoming, and whom was abducted by aliens himself. Dr Robert Sprinkle also teaches us an important connection between mutilated lifestock and alien UFOs.

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It is noteworthy that we have found a real alien central processing unit for connection to the UFO network in our solar system. Multi-core micro implants are now being injected upon birth in hospitals around the world. Micro chips are automatically charged by accompanying battery power taken directly from invisible power plants. Beware the sea of physical experiments on human tissue. Intelligence and consiousness in particular is caused by language only. You can buy this at universities worldwide or take our online course.

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Hello, my name is

Nestor Flores, I am 37 years old and and I am your one-stop source for questions about:

 UFOs, alien life forms, spaceships, alien abduction, alien and UFO video and photo footage, Orbs, spacecrafts, extraterrestrial life, UFO sightings, conspiracies, flying saucers and related information.

I will reveal to you all the secrets related to alien UFO mechanics.

I am reporting on personal experiences including: Alien UFO sightings, Alien UFO abduction, Alien UFO videos, Alien UFO photos, Alien UFO mechanics and more.

It is very gratifying to know that my information helps open both alien and human minds and spirits in meditation on extraterrestrial life forms. This is true on earh and in the galaxy in general.

Consciousness can imediately cause for the effects of an alien civilization to become apparent. UFOs are just a side effect.

If you have emotional problems due to an alien UFO abduction, or when you are missing universal love from the cosmos, then my website will help you to recover your alien within, and to recover a perfect inner emotional balance.

Food is fundamental for increase and multiplication of both terresral and extraterrestral alien life. I will reveal to you

favorite alien foods and elixers.

Tips and tricks to capture alien UFOs on camera or film.

Learn how alien UFOs use orbs in order to warn us against natural disasters.

Gain the love of

alien extraterrestrial life on earth and be visited by those with eternal knowledge and wisdom.
Get to meet with
real UFOs in space, and learn where exactly it is that aliens come from.

Get your daily dose of
paranormal phenomena, multidimensional beings, ultraterrestrials, and alternative data.


alien body autopsies from Rosswell to Area 51 the Rusian KGB and major UFO crash reports.

Did you get

abducted by an alien and were you taken into a UFO? So was I! Lets talk.

Aliens and UFOs of all kinds. In the sky, on earth, in the galazy, throughout our milkyway, cutting through worm holes etc.

Catch a UFO ride and find your Alien soul mate. Be careful, don't get lost in a black hole!

The swift drift of the alien UFO flood has passed. We are save for now. You may check with the nearest university for updates on sightings and landings.

New spacecrafts are needed to populate the human gene enginering project in delta 7. Quantum intelligence still forms a thread and could collapse the experimental DNA which was designed in a parallel universe.

The millitary air force could use your help in their fight against supernormal alien UFO's that have reportedly focused on purification of our petroleum for nuclear warfare and atomic hydrogen fusion.

In debt of my position and of the knowledge I now poses, I have made it my goal to break the news and solve the puzzle by explaining the extraterrrestrial world of aliens and UFOs in space and beyond!

Nestor Flores

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